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We put together a list of the frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you need, drop us an email at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


  • How do I create a new project?

    In your account, go to “Projects”. Click the light grey box with a plus sign. This will open up a new window for you to add your details to. Add the client name and if you like, you can also add a description and invite team members. Once you are ready, click “Create” and your project is now active. Click on the project to start adding requests.

  • How do I add team members?

    When you first create a project, you can choose to add team members. Once the project is created, you can add new members by clicking on the project and clicking the plus sign in the team section on the right hand side. Once you have asked someone to join a project, they will be sent an invite and can access the project after accepting the invite.

  • How do I change my subscription / amount of storage?

    To change the amount of storage associated with your subscription, click “My account” in the navigation and choose “Edit profile”. You will see a box with your subscription details. Click the button saying “change my subscription” and pick a different storage option. Make sure to confirm your changes. Note that you can not choose a plan with less storage than you are already using. If you would like to use this option, please download and delete files from your account to free up enough space before proceeding.

  • Can I suggest a new feature?

    Yes! We love to hear your suggestions. To suggest a new feature or vote for other suggestions, go to our feedback forum.

  • What do the different team roles mean?

    Owner: The person who created the project. Only the project owner can delete a project.

    Manager: Can create requests and approve or reject files in the projects they have been invited to. Has the same level of access as the owner but can not delete a project.

    Creative: Can view and download approved files in the projects they have been invited to.

    Contributor: Can submit files for the requests they have been invited to.

    If you have more than one role, for example your agency has projects where you are the owners and you contribute files to another agency, you will see all your projects in the same account.

  • How to create a new request?

    Click on the project you would like to add a request for. If you do not have a project yet, click here to find out how to create one. Inside the project, click the grey box with a plus sign. This will open a new window where you can fill in information about what the purpose of the request is and who should contribute the files. This information will be shown to the contributor when they get invited.

  • How do the automatic reminder emails work?

    When you create a new request, you can decide how often you want to remind the contributor if the submission is overdue. You can choose from “daily”, “weekly” and “biweekly”. This will trigger a reminder email to the contributor with this frequency (only for late submissions).

  • How can I change my account reminder settings?

    If you are a contributor, we will send a reminder once a request due date is close. If you would like to change this, go to “My account” in the navigation and click “edit profile”. Once there, you will find a grey box called “notifications”. You can choose how frequent you want reminders and turn them off completely. This does not apply to overdue requests.

  • How can I assign a contributor to a request?

    When you create a new request, you must assign a contributor to fulfill the request. If this is not the best person to submit the files, the assigned contributor can reassign the request to someone else. The do this by logging in to their account and clicking the button stating “reassign”.

  • How many contributors can one request have?

    Each request can only have one contributor. If you would like to request files from multiple people, for example images from your photographer and a logo from your client you can simply create two separate requests within the same project.

    A contributor can reassign a request if they are not the right person to fulfill it.

  • Can requests be reassigned to a different contributor?

    Yes! If the contributor that receives the invitation does not feel like they are the right person, they can easily reassign the request by clicking the “reassign button”.

  • Can I change the due date on a request?

    Go to “my projects” and click on the relevant project. Inside the project find the request you want to change and click the calendar icon just under the request name. Select the new date and click save. All done!

  • How can I share files with someone?

    Project owners and project managers have access to the files submitted by contributors. If you would like to share approved files with someone outside of this, you can invite them as “creatives”. Creatives will only see approved files in the “my files” section and so there is no risk of using the wrong files. A creative can not see the messages between you and your contributors so it is perfect if you would like to share files with someone outside of your company.

  • How can accept or reject files?

    Once your request is sent and your contributor has submitted files, you will get an email notification. You will also see that the notice on the request has changed from “Requested” to “Needs approval”.

    Click on the button “see files” at the bottom of the request. This will show all the submitted files. Next to each submission you will find a tick for approve and an x for reject. Click the icon that represents your choice for each submission. You can also choose “approve all” or “reject all” by selecting the option from the top right corner. If you choose to reject a file, you can add a message to describe to the contributor why this file was not appropriate.

    Even if you have rejected a few files, you can still decide to finish the request. This will notify the contributor that you are not looking for any more submissions. If you did not receive all the files you need, you can simply request new files. All files you have approved will be saved in my files. All files you reject will be deleted from your account and will not take up storage space.

  • Is Kayla secure?

    We know that your relationships with your clients and teams are very important so we have taken extra care to make sure Kayla is secure. All data is encrypted and we will not have access to any of the files on your account unless we receive a complaint and open an investigation. We have created a custom password strength checker to help you create a secure password that avoids the commonly known patterns and words that are more vulnerable. We also offer two factor authentication. Kayla is not responsible for virus checking so use the same care as you would for any other platform where you download files from online. You can see more about our privacy and how we handle your data in our Privacy Policy.

  • Who owns the intellectual property of submitted files?

    When a contributor submits files through Kayla they grant the receiving party the right to use the files as agreed in any contracts between them. Kayla does not claim any rights over the files. We encourage respect and understanding for each other's businesses and wishes.

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