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Collect content from clients & collaborate with other design teams, all in one place.

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Recognise this?

  • Content holding up projects
  • Clients unsure how to send large files
  • You receive the wrong file formats

The solution

  • Automatic reminders and file sharing
  • As easy as email, but organised
  • Friendly guidance for clients
For designers, by designers

Automatic client reminders

Having a good relationship with your clients is important. No one wants to send endless emails chasing down missing files. Kayla automatically reminds clients and sends you a notification when everything is complete.

  • Save time
  • Keep your great client relationships
Flexible access

Made for modern design teams

We know that projects can have many moving parts. Design teams collaborating, clients submitting files and new people joining halfway through.

Give the right level of access to each member and keep everything organised in one place.

All in one place

Accountability and feedback

When projects take a long time or include a large team, it can be good to know who submitted what and when.

Files are timestamped so you can easily ask for a new submission if the first one wasn't quite what you needed.

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